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Business Areas

1. Drug Safety:

  • Pre-Clinical R & D:
    • Functional Proteomics
    • Predictive ADME / DMPK / Toxicology
    • Predictive Metabolite Profiling
    • Therapeutic Efficacy Analysis
  • Clinical R & D:
    • Target Validation
    • Validation of Administration Routes
    • Compliance Improvement
    • Selection of Patient Risk Groups
    • Adverse Event Monitoring
    • Dose Optimization

2. Near-Patient Diagnostics Point-of-Care:

  • Drug Therapy Related Patient Self-Testing (Theranostics)

    Certain drugs may be linked to undesirable side effects that impact vital organs, e.g., heart, kidney, liver and/or immune system. Therefore, it may be desirable and advisable to monitor disease markers and vital analytes in order to optimize each drugs therapeutic window and efficacy.
  • Point-of-Care-Diagnostics (POC)

    In emergency medicine, the rapid availability of biochemical analytes and their concentration ranges may trigger a timely therapeutic approach and adequate allocation of patient management resources. POC has proven of particular interest within cardiology, endocrinology and infectious disease.


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