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  • Mikrosystemtechnik (MST) und Biochips aktuelle Trends in Entwicklung und Fertigung
    Workshop Medizintechnik/Biotechnologie
    Chairman: Dr. Paul Kerth

    Annual Meeting 2003 of the Technology-Transfer-Network (TTN) Hessen in Darmstadt, November 5, 2003

    Download (PDF):
    (available in German only)
  • Special Feature: Perspective
    Liquid chromatography/atmospheric pressure ionization-mass spectrometry in drug metabolism studies
    R. Kostiainen, T. Kotiaho, T. Kuuranne, S. Auriola
    in: Journal of Mass Spectrometry 2003; 38: 357 372
    John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

    Download (PDF):
    http://www.spectroscopynow.com/Spy/pdfs/JMS38357. pdf


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