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In the beginning of 2004, µTBC products and customized product applications became available in the following areas:

Drug Safety:

  • Metabolic Profiling µTBC for the detection of nephrotoxic and hepatotoxic target substances / metabolites of cardiovascular and oncology drugs
  • Adverse Event Profiling µTBC for cardiovascular and oncology drugs as well as antibody-based biologicals

Near-Patient Diagnostics/Point-of-Care:

  • Cardiovascular analytes available on request

Product and customer references available on request.


Product Categories:

  • Capillary Blood Separation Chips (BLISC)
  • Drug Safety Chips (µTBC)
  • Drug Solubility Workstations

Product Examples:


Drug Safety Chip CBC3

Drug Safety Chip CBC6

Drug Solubility Workstation SuperSol 1000

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