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Micro-Tele-BioChip (µTBC) – The Definition

µTBC is a technology platform consisting of three independent product modules that are customized according to specific requirements in drug safety and POC.

  • Module I: BLISC (Blood Liquid Separation Chip) – a microfluidic blood/plasma separation unit that physically and without actuators separates smallest volumes of blood into plasma and cells
  • Module II: Chip carrier and surface coupling chemistry
  • Module III: Compact, miniaturized instrument incorporating innovative laser-induced fluorescence technology

The µTBC, a multiplex detection chip used either with plasma, whole or capillary blood, and its portable, miniaturized instrument deliver sensitive, reliable, quantitative results of a broad range of analytes comprising small drugs/metabolites, haptens, peptides, proteins and cells with built-in, encrypted, remote, wireless data transmission capabilities. It offers a selective on-chip triage capability of metabolites by innovative antibody engineering directed against smallest molecular structures and may be used both in therapeutics and diagnostics.


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